10 Rustic Home Decor Ideas to Present a Rural Ambience in the City

Find your pure life coziness through the rustic home decor ideas. It is ready to bring back the naturalness of life along with the rural and farmhouse styles. By the way, you may present it to your city life. You can feel the calmness of county sense in midst of the bustle of the city. To spoil your desire, it comes with 10 rustic home decor ideas you can build yourself. You can decorate your bedroom, kid’s room, living room, kitchen, and the dining room. Well, scroll down and find the most attractive decor.

5 Rustic Home Decor Ideas for the Living room until Bedrooms

The first five choices start your steps to realize the rustic home decor ideas.  Here are 5 decorations that you can follow:

Wood meet Stone

Rustic often combines between wood and stone. Show this natural blend in your living room. Both collaborations will give you a larger, lighter, and drier sense there. Moreover, the wood appears catchy on the ceiling in brown color. Meanwhile, the stone gives a modern beautiful outlook with white color.

Wooden Wall Panelling

Continue to your bedroom where the brown wooden wall panel will always steal your sight. In this room, it looks sharp such as fighting the white color around. Of course, it is a piece of cake to make the wood panel alone. Let’s make and present the rural vibrant in your bedroom through your giant headboard (wall panel).

Rustic mix Modern

Meeting two conflicting things is not impossible. The proof is the rustic dining room with the fresh green outdoor view. Present the unforgettable togetherness each time you eat in this white dining room. The room itself brings comfortable nuance on the large white rug and the warm upholstered chairs. You will maintain the togetherness under the unique cool pendant lamps.

Warm Kid’s Bedroom

Let your children keep warm in their shared bedroom. Decor their room with the sturdy brown wooden bunk bed. Definitely, they will sleep well without feeling cold such as the nuance outside.

Forest Themed Wallpaper

Return to your bedroom with the wall decor. At this time, you will give the serenity of forest ambiance on your wall. Then, it mixes with some neutral colors such as dark espresso, white, and brown. You can also present a gold color idea through the sconce.

5 Other DIY Rustic Decor Ideas

Okay, finish the information of the 5 rustic home decor ideas below:

Glammed Up Kitchen

On the rustic kitchen with the unfinished impression from the wooden material. Let it master your ceiling, floor, and the kitchen cabinet. Then, lit up the sense with the white marble stone on the backsplash and countertop.

Give it a taste

Well, it is about the white rustic kitchen decor. Enliven the nuance from the coldness of the white theme with the red and blue accents. You can put the red paint color on the door and the mesmerizing blue on the countertop.

Mix the Materials

Wood, stone, and metal always dominate the rustic decoration. It seems fun and unique if you combine them on your kitchen. Each ingredient will stand out without having to beat each other.

Textures for days

This is a living room that presents the rustic side of a pine coat. This coat frames the fireplace then perfects the comfort in the living room of your farmhouse.

Feel Formal

Feel formal dinners like officials or members of the kingdom. Create a special board and industrial style chandelier.

Well, those are the amazing DIY rustic home decor ideas. You can feel it from the relaxed style of the room until formal. Cool!

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